All animals benefit from chiropractic care

Animal Chiropractic

All animals benefit from chiropractic care

Animal Chiropractic

Animal owners want what is best for their animals. Animal owners spend time and money on their animals, trying to keep them happy, healthy and performing at their best. 

Despite your best efforts animals still die because traditional veterinary medicine runs out of treatments for them. At The Rolling M Veterinary Clinic we help animals using animal chiropractic care.

Let The Rolling M Veterinary Clinic develop a plan for your animal’s health today. Dr. Moser is certified in animal chiropractic by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.

How Our Practice Works

Our practice works differently than a traditional veterinary clinic.  It is important that you understand how we will be treating your animal and that our goals are like yours in order for us to have a positive outcome. Please ask if you have any questions about any of our points.


We specialize in Health Care and not disease treatment.


Your animals Nervous System controls everything!


Physical, chemical, and emotional stress can overwhelm your animal’s ability to adapt.


Vertebral Subluxation results. Muscles tighten, joints lock, vertebrae misalign, posture distorts, nerves are irritated, communication is interfered with and physiology malfunctions.


We will conduct a thorough exam and explain what we find.


We will recommend a series of adjustments.


Adjustments will not treat symptoms.


Precise adjustments reduce nerve interference, helping to revive and enhance your animal’s ability to Self-Heal and Adapt to stress.


Healing is a process, and all processes take time.


You control of the speed of your animal’s recovery.


After an animal heals many owners chose to keep their animal’s under chiropractic care to keep them well.


How long your animal’s benefit is up to you. When you have achieved the results you want, tell us so we can celebrate.

Client Testimonial

“In 2021, Bentley was sent to the emergency clinic due to intervertebral Disk Disease in his back. Bentley’s breed is unknown, but his body shape supports the idea that he may be a basset hound or corgi mix. These dogs are commonly known for back problems due to their long bodies and short legs. The vets at UT Animal Hospital left us kind of hopeless about how Bentley was going to heal. The Animal Hospital ultimately told us to try to manage the pain and possibly end up having to put him down. He was paralyzed from the waist down; it was super tragic and extremely hard to get him to use the restroom. That continued for 6 weeks. However, Bentley eventually did heal. In late June 2022, he had a relapse in his back again. The disk could be visually seen bulging from his spine. We knew it was the same issue and were very worried about Bentley’s quality of life. He was again unable to walk or use the restroom. My husband was away at military training and I could not lift him to get him to the hospital or vet and was referred to The Rolling M Veterinarian Clinic. She suggested chiropractic services, and I am so glad she did. I had never heard of chiropractic services on animals before but was willing to do anything for Bentley. The chiropractic services she performed prevented Bentley from staying in his paralyzed state. I believe this could save many animals’ lives. After his first adjustment, he was able to regain some use in his back legs and began immediate improvement after each adjustment! He is now as healthy as he was beforehand and is back to enjoying his life. I wish I had known sooner that this was an effective treatment option, and I am absolutely forever thankful for Dr. Moser.”